Intel si McAfee devine Intel Security

Vicepresedintele departamentului de marketing international McAfee Gary Davis a anuntat crearea Intel Security pe baza McAfee, achizionata de compania Intel in anul 2010.

 Intel si McAfee devine Intel Security

Astazi, toti utilizatorii produselor McAfee au primit urmatorul mesaj:

To our valued customers:

I’m excited to share the news that Intel and McAfee have come together to form Intel Security. Together, we are committed to giving you the confidence to use technology to its — and your — fullest potential.

Every day, more and more of our routine activities shift online — connecting with family and friends, keeping up on world events, shopping, reading, learning, creating, conducting business, innovating — all through computers, smartphones, tablets and other IP-enabled devices that get smarter, smaller, and more versatile all the time. Technology is the great enabler, and in many ways has democratized information and opportunity. What used to only be possible in the physical world is now not only possible — but sometimes faster and easier — in the digital realm, from anywhere, anytime, by anyone, through any enabled device.

When Intel purchased McAfee in 2010, it represented their vision that a world of pervasive technology requires equally pervasive security. With the Internet of Things becoming a reality, security must be embedded on every architecture and every device.

Phones and tablets now carry the same computing power and opportunity as desktop computers, and, therefore, the same vulnerabilities and exposure to digital crime. We have a history of providing free mobile security for both Android and iOS devices. We intend to make a new mobile security solution freely available later this year with the goal of providing digital security to everyone on every mobile device around the world.

As we move forward, we will be applying Intel’s history of innovation, performance, and trust to develop new digital security solutions to enrich people’s lives around the world. In the meantime, there will be no immediate change to any of the McAfee products, solutions, or services you enjoy.

I want to thank you for being a valued customer. We’re looking forward to bringing you even more innovative and effective digital security solutions in the future. For more information see

All my best and Happy New Year,

Gary Davis
Vice President, Global Consumer Marketing

Intel si McAfee devine Intel Security
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